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True Rev Induction Kit TR-054098 Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports
Suggested Retail Price Actual Selling Price Where to Buy
$89.00 KKM
Your stock intake was designed to be as quiet as possible, even if it meant sacrificing performance. The True-Rev Sport Induction kit allows your engine to breathe more air by eliminating all of the power robbing restrictions associated with the stock system, resulting in more horsepower, crisp throttle response, and the sport sound you are seeking. This is a complete kit that replaces your stock airbox with an S&B Powerstack filter, aluminum air filter adapter, mounting bracket, all hardware and instructions for a complete and easy bolt on installation.

Member Reviews: True Rev Induction Kit

Rating:    Reviewed by: Dan BaxterMember Profile2 Member Projects

Fantastic improvement in sound of engine, especially around 3,000 RPM. Power at take off and throttle response appear to have improved as well. I'd buy again.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Dave ZakMember Profile

Hey, get rid of that nasty, restrictive stock airbox and air filter!! The KKM True-Rev Air Induction Kit in conjunction with installing a less restrictive exhaust system was definitly worth installing. Take-offs and throttle response are much better and it was easy to install.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Mike EganMember Profile6 or more Member Projects

I planned to buy this accessory even before my ST had arrived. This and an exhaust upgrade are the two best things you can do for your engine. Throttle response is greatly improved, and you'll never have to replace an air filter again. KKM sells a cleaning kit which you should use after 50,000 miles. Other than that, it is worry free. This is the best $89 you'll spend on your Sport Trac.

Rating:    Reviewed by: David JMember Profile

Couldn't agree more with the statement of "This and an exhaust upgrade are the two best things you can do for your engine". I'd add the third (and have ) and that's the Superchip. Together, they totally change the ST. It's true, you get greater throttle response and much more power at the lower ends of the power spectrum. Sound is super but not too loud. I highly recommend any of these upgrades..

Rating:    Reviewed by: David VinsonMember Profile 4 Member Projects

Good construction and fit. Easy to install. Worth the money for the performance gains.

Rating:    Reviewed by: C. WellsMember Profile6 or more Member Projects

Very easy to install and the performance you get out of this filter is almost to good to be true. It really pulls more air flow into the engine and the sound is awesome.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Anne & Crystal BrezinaMember Profile 6 or more Member Projects

AWESOME! Good use of $89. Would recommend this upgrade for every ST owner. Nice sound eminates around 3,000rpm telling you that the engine is free to breathe. Filter is good for about 6-8HP, an exhaust system for another 15-25HP, and a chip for another 10-15HP.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Jimmy KosinskiMember Profile

Really makes a difference with sound and performance a really good performance upgrade a low price

Rating:    Reviewed by: Ken kojimas@hawaii.rr.comMember Profile6 or more Member Projects

Great upgrade. I live in Honolulu, I got mine in just Two days after contacting KKM. Installation was breaze. Just hand tools and 10 minutes. Supporting bracket nut was hardest to inserted in to the hole. But once you gets in, everything hooks up great. I love the looks and performance. Ken Kojima

Rating:    Reviewed by: Dave ShNunyaMember Profile

Excellant Product Awesome Sound, Good HP Increase! Wicked Looking! Very Responsive around 3000 RPM! Only downfall is high pitch squeal sound at certain RPM- Cause they said because the silencer is removed when you take off Stock Air Box! Squeal is WELL WORTH the Trade-Off For Power!

Rating:    Reviewed by: Mark HolmesMember Profile

Fantastic upgrade. Added 7+ more horses. Start-up, take-off, and throttle response are improved. MPG is also improved by about 2-4 MPG depending upon highway or city driving. The sound is hard to beat when downshifting (with the manual transmission).

Rating:    Reviewed by: Jay BurketteMember Profile

Inexpensive, very easy to install (or take off for service). I used in conjunctin with a catback DynaFlow exhaust and got great results. The addition of a performace chip should bring in about 250-260 HP.

Rating: Not Rated   Reviewed by: mike woolseyMember Profile


Rating:    Reviewed by: Bill P.Member Profile

What can I say that hasnt been said already? Its great!

Rating:    Reviewed by: Jared WilsonMember Profile

I love the power and sound that this brings to my ST. The squeal that comes with this at certain RPM's isn't the greatest, but I am pleased overall. This definitely addes HP.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Larry GuytonMember Profile

Purchased two, one for my 2002 ST and one for my son's 1991 Explorer. Both went on easily (did both in less than 45 minutes).

Around 3000 rpm it does emit a nice sound from underneath the hood but more importantly you can tell the engines breathes so much better resulting in better performance.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Joe FarrellMember Profile

As others have said - improves breathing tremedously - mileage very little as you use the extra power. Good low speed starts from stops with better less restrictive intake.

Can add a K&N cone to the tube to use a brand name filter.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Barry CollyerMember Profile1 Member Project

Simple Install, Cheap, No whistle.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Jill CMember Profile

I have this on my 2002 ST, love the power and benefits, but HATE the squeal. Anyone have ideas on how to rid it? I have played with the tighteness of the connections and nothing has changed. So some say if it is installed correctly it will not squeal. Not too many ways to install INCORRECTLY> Tell me tips!

Rating:    Reviewed by: Nathan FousheeMember Profile

Excellent product. 10 minute installation, great sound (not much louder than stock), noticable performance increase, 1/3rd the price of K&N! Best $89 I've spent!

Rating:    Reviewed by: David GreenbergMember Profile

Seems to work real well on my ST. A breeze to install. It's the second piece of the triad of performance parts I want to install. Started with the Diablo, now this, and onto the exhaust. The ST is moving out now, and quickly, and not a whistle to be found.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Brett RobbinsMember Profile

Actual performance doesn't quite equal it's hype, but hey, it makes my engine look cool. I wonder if K&N is any better.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Wes GardnerMember Profile

Received in two days from order. I have been holding back because of the reported squeal or whistle. Installed this afternoon and took a test drive expecting some whistle. Never got the whistle, only the throaty sound at 3000 rpm. Another great aftermarket addition.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Brian MonroeMember Profile

No annoying sounds, easy install (I'm a virtually auto-illiterate) cool growl at midrange RPM ratings, noticable pickup. This unit loves high altitude! (Denver Metro)

Rating:    Reviewed by: Mark CherneyMember Profile

Thsi product rocks! The growl sounds really cool. I can actually now squeel the tires. Excellent exceleration..a must have!

Rating:    Reviewed by: Michael WurzburgerMember Profile

Just installed my filter last night 8/28 and WOW! What a difference. Instantly noticed in increase in power from take off and when trying to pass. No report on fuel economy, but I'm sure that it will help. First modification that I have done to any engine and it was a breeze. Highly recommend!

Rating:    Reviewed by: p jamesMember Profile

need dust cover for it,
where , when & haow much

Rating: Not Rated   Reviewed by: tom jensenMember Profile

Can this filter assembly be cleaned and reused, and also if purchased as a group sale how much less is the overall price.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Bill GeigerMember Profile

As described this product does make a nice throaty sound at 3,000rpm and higher. I was a little skeptical but you can also feel the throttle response too. My only drawback is that I could not find the Bulk Head mounting hole for the filter bracket brace, but after I drilled my own hole it held in place nicely.

Rating:    Reviewed by: MICHAEL HENLYMember Profile

Just purchased and installed yesterday. I noticed the direct effect on my engine performance immediately, I'm very pleased.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Mark ManiscolaMember Profile

I installed this product on my ST about 6 months ago. This is the only mod on my ST so far and what a diffence it makes. When it rains and i'm at an intersection that is on a slight hill I have to put the thing in four wheel drive so i don't light up the back tires. You will see a big diffence!

Rating:    Reviewed by: Mark GrumpyMember Profile

Installed at the same time as dual pipes. VERY noticable gain in gas mileage. However, much indecision in transmission at 50-55 MPH. Any Suggestions.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Pierre EricssonMember Profile

The only bad thing about this product is that it has a high pitched whistle when your aroung 3000 rpm....but the power after puting on the KKM is an UNDER STATEMENT...

Rating:    Reviewed by: Scott HecklerMember Profile2 Member Projects

Easy install, right price, instant results. I recomend it highly.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Cameron Member Profile

I installed it and it sounded great and preformed great but there was a small ratteling. I popped the hood and the intake was falling off. The screws has stripped the inside of the spacer and would not hold anymore. I had to go back to the old stock intake. I am very disappointed in the quality of it.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Tony GlennMember Profile

Purchased from KKM for $92.95, S&H $10.75, Total $103.70 and the boxed kit arrived and was installed 6/28/05. Took about 1-hour because I fabricated a second support bracket. Why they don't include two brackets is beyond me. Instructions are without installation pictures, which I also considered half-ass. Rubber boot on Primary Sensor caused some problem: fixed by wrapping it with foil tape and then electric tape. System works as advertised.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Preston LasaterMember Profile

I just bought this today and was amazed at the throttle respnse at low rpm's. It also gives a more meaner sound in the engine, nothing loud or obnoxious, but nicely noticeable. Easy instructions and install, I would buy again. Only thing I would recommend is a heatshield to absorb heat from the engine bay.

Rating:    Reviewed by: David ColeyMember Profile

Noticeable difference in performance. One of the first things you should do to a ST.

Easy install but I spent more time getting the nut on the support bracket then the rest of the install itself until I figured out this tip: nut first and bolt second. Hold nut with one finger pressed against the inside metal wall and slide finger and nut until you visually see the threads aligned through the hole the bolt mounts into. Screw in bolt.

Rating:    Reviewed by: Heyward DrummondMember Profile

2 stars for looks but less for performance. I had been using the OEM box with a K&N filter but installed this kit on 2008 Sport Trac Adrenalin. Discovered that my gas mileage suffered by going from 18 to 16.2 MPG and my accelleration was much affected. There was a very definite reduction in power. I used it for a month and today went back to stock and my mileage and speed increased dramatically. I do not know if this is a Gen 2 issue versus the design of the OEM box for Gen 1 versus the much improved Gen 2 box but this kit was not an improvement at all. I've contacted KKM with no response to date.

Rating: Not Rated   Reviewed by: Billy AustinMember Profile

I have an 08 Sport Trac Limited with the 4.6 v8. I was very excited to hear about the air intake that Kustomz offered so I went to the website just to find that they don't have any in stock and have no future plans to produce any.
do any of you know where I can find one? is it even worth the trouble I am going through to do this? I just want more power and better milage.

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