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  • bed extender and factory tonneau by Byron PletcherMember Profile, 3/10/2008 12:11 ET
             Category - Cargo: Bed, Tonneau, Cage, Racks
    both are ford parts..

    i can not flip my bed extender fron the bed onto the tailgate with the tonneau on (with backsideportion raised of course) the cage wont clear the center support mount for the tonneau when i try to flip it up and out onto the tailgate..

    tips? tricks?

    am i just missing something?

    until now i have had to unlatch the center main pivot and lift it up an inch, then flip the bed entender out.
            re: bed extender and factory tonneau by Todd ZForum Admin6 or more Member Projects,3/10/2008 13:09 ET
    The bed extender is out of an F150, not a sport trac.... Plain and simple...

    Todd Z
            re: bed extender and factory tonneau by RussMember Profile,3/10/2008 13:21 ET
    My dealer in the name of sweetening the deal said they would give me a bed extender. I new something was amis when I got home and it silver/chrome. The 07/08 should be black and be able to swing over with the rear half flipped. The dealer would not make good and ended up buying the right one. They said they got so beat down on price that what I got was the best it was going to get.
            re: bed extender and factory tonneau by Byron PletcherMember Profile,3/10/2008 15:06 ET

    huh.. when the extender is flipped out it matched the tailgate perfect, the rubber bumpers fit into the indentation on the gate..

    are the f150 extenders taller than the trac ones?

            re: bed extender and factory tonneau by ClayMember Profile,3/10/2008 15:44 ET
    that maybe because the tail gate is the same as an f150? im not sure but i think it may be
            re: bed extender and factory tonneau by Byron PletcherMember Profile,3/10/2008 16:02 ET
    I think i may shorten the extender to fit i guess.. does anyone know how much longer the f-150 extenders are? it cant be much?
            re: bed extender and factory tonneau by JVMember Profile,3/19/2008 15:57 ET
    hello there i have a bed extender that i just bought from the net it is factory ford, and i had a really hard time trying to mount it on the back i felt as if it would not go in easily maybe i bought the wrong one can anyone tell me what the right measurements are for the correct one.? and if at all possible some pics of it installed on the trac my email is
            re: bed extender and factory tonneau by Byron PletcherMember Profile,3/19/2008 16:00 ET
    i cut mine down 2-1/4" and re assembled over the weekend.

    works great now..

    took about 1.5 hours

    a hole saw is your friend on this project.

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