High Series Floor Console Conversion

By Kevin Gilchrist


Console Comparison

A popular and very desired conversion on our Sport Tracís that did not come equipped as such, is the conversion from the Base Series to the High Series floor console.


The Base Series console includes a soft removable bag, cup holders front and rear, a separate storage bin and allows for an ashtray and cigarette lighter in the center of the dash below the radio.


The High Series console includes cup holders front and rear, a storage bin, a cigarette lighter and a larger area to store items than the soft bag in the Base Series console.But the most attractive feature of this console is air conditioning vents and heater ducts for the back seat powered by itís own two speed fan.And to add to the fun, there are radio controls and headphone jacks for those rear seat passengers.


The following compares both consoles side by side.




Conversion Requirements

Now for the information that is most sought after in this conversion.That is, what is required to make the conversion?Here are those coveted secrets that I uncovered in the conversion.You must have all of the items below before you start the conversion.


1. High Series Console

You need to find a used console out of a late model Sport Trac or Sport. It is suggested to watch eBay or search junkyards.I had no luck with junkyards and kept a watch on eBay. During some time and a little patience, a few came and went for various prices on eBay.I finally won the bidding on a reasonably priced high series console out of a Sport in the color of my interior.Mine was $145 after shipping and I do not know if that is average or not, but I felt like I got a good deal.



2. Console Bracket

The High Series console requires a smaller bracket to hold it to the floor, seems backwards but it is true.I ordered it from my local Ford dealers parts department for $15.Its part number is 1L2Z-98045B34-AA.



3. Air Conditioning Duct

The High Series console requires a different air condition/heater duct under the front of the center of the dash.It includes an outlet which routes air to the rear vents of the High Series console.I also ordered it from my local Ford dealers parts department for $26.Its part number is YL2Z-18C433-AA.



4. Wiring Harness

This is a big gotcha, which I worked around partially, but to my satisfaction as I was really looking for some air conditioning to the rear seats during toasty Arizona summers. Sport Tracís equipped with the High Series Console have a completely different wiring harness under the dash which includes two large connectors that plug into the front of the console.One is for the power of the fan and lighter, the other is for the radio controls.The complete harness is a very expensive part from Ford and would be a huge, huge job to replace in your Sport Trac.For my installation, I only wired the cigarette lighter and the fan for the air conditioning and heating in the console by taping into the appropriate three wires.A ground, a hot all the time and a hot wire when the ignition is on. Not to hard to find as you will see in the installation, but the radio controls, which I did not hook up have a bunch more wires and could be a super challenge.




The Installation

Ok, you are probably interested, if not intrigued on what it takes to bolt that High Series console in your Sport Trac.Or you have collected all the parts and are ready to go.Well here are the step-by-step instructions I put together from my install.I gave the experience three wrenches, but I really feel that it is not that difficult, once I figured out the extra pieces required for you.Just take your time and be patient with those hard to reach bolts and finding wires to tap into.


1. Remove the Base Series console


Pop off the oval plastic covers on each side towards the back of the console.Remove the bolts that are under those covers and the armrest will come off.Then remove one bolt that is on the top, which holds down the back of the console.



Remove the soft bag for the center of the console.Then pop off the cup holders in the front, they are clipped in with plastic clips.Underneath are two bolts to remove that hold down the front of the console.Then lift the console out from between the seats.




Remove the tall rear bracket that holds the Base Series console in.It will not work at all with the High Series console and must be replaced with a new smaller bracket.It is held in by four bolts/studs that are on the floor, remove them all and lift it out.



Now remove the separate bin in the front by lifting the small rubber mat inside it, which exposes the bolts that hold it down.Remove the bolts and the bin.Slide out the ashtray and you will find a couple of bolts holding in the assembly, which includes the ashtray frame and cigarette lighter.Unscrew them and unplug the cigarette lighter and courtesy light. Remove the bulb, as it will no longer be needed.





2. Bolt in the High Series console


Install the new rear console bracket.It bolts in place with four bolts/studs exactly where you removed the tall bracket from the Base console.††


Here is the Base Series and the High Series brackets side by side.



The new bracket before and after it is installed.



Replace the air conditioning and heating duct at the bottom of the center of the dash.This is required for the console duct to hook up to the main air duct and get cold or hot air to the back passenger vents.


Here is the new and old duct side by side, showing the new opening surrounded by foam.




And here is the old and new ducts installed in the dash under the old location of the ashtray and cigarette lighter.There are four bolts holding it in, two in front and two on the side, all facing straight up.I had to unbolt the control module on the floor and slide it to the side, to get good access to the bolts and get the old and new ducts in and out.These bolts take a little patience but can be conquered.




There is one more mounting point that you can use or probably ignore, as I am sure the console is very secure with out it. It is the area in front the rear mounting bracket.There are two plastic pieces to pull out and remove, as they are not needed.Then there are two holes shaped like a bolt head.The High Series console is made to bolt down into these holes.But you need something in those holes to screw into.I used two small plastic interior inserts that I got at the local car parts store.Snapped them in each hole and then bolted two self-tapping screws into them when I put the console in.Here is a not so great shot of it.





Now that the prep work is done it is time to slide the new High Series console into place.If you have not already done so, remove the console tray (cup holders) off of the top of the High Series console.It snaps up and off, as plastic clips hold it in.


Now slide the console in place between the seats from back to front.With the two hooks on the bottom of the console sliding into the new bracket you bolted on the floor.And the two pins on the front lining up into the holes on the dash.It is sort of a tight fit, but will push in and go up flush against the dash.


Bolt two bolts in the front of the console to the dash and the two bolts in the center, if you set them up.The picture below shows the two front bolts. The console should be solid in place.




3. Wire the High Series console


The person that sold me my console cut the wires off right on top of the connectors that plug into the High Series console.Making my job a little more difficult, trying to use nubs of wires to run off of.



As I mentioned earlier, I only wired the cigarette lighter and the air conditioning and heater fan.I did not do the wiring for the radio.If somebody tackles it in the future, we can add it to this project or create a new project.But the wiring I did was very easy, just three wires all off the gray connector on the passenger side of the console.Here is each wire explained.


Black Ė Ground wire.The wires to the old cigarette lighter in the dash included the same wire, I tapped into it.


Brown with Pink Stripe Ė Power all the time. The wires to the old cigarette lighter in the dash included the same wire, I tapped into it.


Yellow Ė Power only when the ignition is on.I pulled the radio out and found a wire running to the radio that was powered up only when the key was on, I tapped into it.


That sounds too easy, but with these three wires, the console is powered up and the fan should work with the switch in position 2 and 3 on the rear console panel.And the cigarette lighter should be hot.

4. The Finish


Snap the console tray (cup holders) back on top of the High Series console.Just line up the clips and gently push it down and forward and it will snap in.You are now ready to enjoy that new console, itís extra space, ventilation for those rear passengers and a more luxurious look for your interior.